Score view crash CB6 (orchestral template added)

Hi, I have score problems since I have memory…
I began with c6 in sl 10.6 and now I’m in lion 10.7.2 (all the updates the same problem)
It happens in orchestral templates (with lots of tracks and settings).
If i’m working with midi and I make some changes in score windows (let’s say something like select different keys, set the staff up etc. after this if I try to move any clip (in the main view) C6 crash… always, I have to trash my preferences and start again.
I can’t find this problem on the forum, I really would like to work with the score view but the price is too high I think…
Any idea about it?, I copy down the template (c6.05)
template c6.05.cpr (1.84 MB)