Score view jumps to top after note entry

Hi. I downloaded Dorico 5.1.32. Now, I have the following problem. I created an orchestral score (pretty large) where, upon a new note entry (with probability roughly 1/4), the score view jumps to the top and the scrollbar gets misaligned.

Can you share the project for us to try and diagnose the issue?

To reproduce issues with unexpected score positioning, we need lots of information from you. Are you on Windows or macOS? What resolution is your display? How many displays do you have? Do you run Dorico either maximised or in full screen mode, or does the window not take up the whole of (one of) your display(s)? Are you in galley view or page view? Does it matter which instrument you are trying to input into?

You might find it simplest to capture a video of your whole screen and reproduce the problem that way, then share the video with us.

Thanks for the quick responses. I am on MAC OS 14.4.1 and the problem is independent of any screen settings (multiple, or (non-)maximized windows. Indeed, it really looks like a programmatic counter problem or alike. The problem seems to be restricted to Galley view and does not happen in Page view. The screen capture is 17 MB, is it OK to attach it here? Before I attach the dorico file, can you point me to a specification of what metadata is recoded in those files—I have security concerns? I can also mail it to Steinberg, if that is an option.

With a 17MB file, you will likely need to email it or put it in Dropbox (or a similar online drive) and post a link. I think the limit here is 4MB.

Dorico projects don’t contain any personally identifiable data.

You can also scramble all the data in the project if you’re worried about sharing music in progress using e.g. the pitch and rhythm transformation features.

Tanks you. Meanwhile I was able to compress the video. I am attaching the screeen recording together with the dorico file. Best, Matthias.

jumpy_score.dorico (1.1 MB)

I cannot reproduce your problem - it all behaves normally here (sorry).

Here’s some more forensics (I have a workaround now, and thus do not consider this urgent) — but you might still want to fix the issue. The problem only occurs when the horizontal scroll bar is close to max. In particular, adding void bars seems to make the problem disappear. A possible cause could be that the program tries to adjust the horizontal (but maxed) scrollbar but actually changes the vertical one, i.e., it operates on the wrong scrollber.

Thanks for the video. I can reproduce this at least some of the time. It does indeed appear to be the case that the scroll bar and the view is getting out of sync in certain circumstances. We’ll try to look into this at some point and figure out exactly what’s wrong.