Score window on 2nd monitor

Hi, I’m currently working on cubase 7 and it is impossible to get the score (layout) window fixed on the 2 monitor (the right click option proposing “always on top”, “Monitor1” or “Monitor2” does not exists as it exists on the mixer window for instance).
I’m thinking to upgrade to CUBASE PRO 10 if this feature is available.

So is such a feature available in CUBASE PRO 10 ? I have a 4K monitor as main and a full HD set up vertically as a second monitor with the objective of diplaying a full orchestra score on this second monitor). Will I be able to do it in a clean way? (extending the main window manually is not an option due to resolution inconsistency).

Thank you

hi, this is weird.
I’m on Win 7 too and use 3 monitors, being one of them for the score editor. It has always worked fine for me.