score with cue-sized staff

hi there - I need to make a custom score with one of the staves cue-sized – how can I do that? I’ve made everything cue-sized in that staff, but the size of the staff still appears to be normal size… thoughts? thank you!

You can change the size of individual staves, follow the steps here :slight_smile:

I’m not sure off the top of my head if items you have made cue-sized will be further reduced when you do this, so you may need to reset notes and items. If you’ve used the “Scale”/“Custom scale” properties in the Properties panel, this should be as simple as deactivating those properties.

beautiful, thanks! a bit counterintuitive to look for it in the Edit menu, but so it is. thanks!

It’s also in the context menu — I suggest you carefully inspect what is in the context menu, because you could find that most of your needs are there.
You can access the different entries of this menu using their first letter, in your keyboard, which makes it a real fast accessible set of tools.