Score without exact measure

Hi there, is it possible to create score like this (see score in attachment), also without exact measure? How does this work and how is it even called?

Thank you and best regards

Certainly! As long as you don’t enter a time signature at the start, Dorico will default to open meter. Entering X or open into the popover works, too. You can then place the “tick” and “short” barlines exactly where you want. You’ll probably need to enter all the notes with Force Duration on in order to get the desired pattern of tied notes, and there will be re-beaming involved as well, due to the fact that Dorico now doesn’t have a time signature from which to deduce the subdivisions.

great, thank you. i have managed that with X but how do I do re-beaming?

Click on a note and use the context menu to alter beaming states.

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