Score without recording?

I am trying to record a new midi track while looking at the score of an existing one - it seems to bee impossible? As soon as I hit the keyboard it records into the score (although the track is not armed for using that midi input and does not play back when record is not armed). I need to look at the score while I am playing as I want to follow the harmonics I use there.

I have disabled "Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track in Editing / Project & MixConsole. Then I found the setting

MIDI > Solo Record in MIDI editors.
once I disabled that the score wouldn’t record anymore.

It would be fantastic if there was a switch to toggle this in the actual midi / score editor. Best would be a “midi lock” icon so that I could still look at the score while recording other tracks. Once I toggle this I could then quickly also record midi in the score, which I guess is the default “simple” behavior. But looking at the score while recording another track is a huge productivity thing in my opinion. Any thoughts?

The other problem I am having is that the score will automatically close if I delete any other event on the track. Say if I do a take on the other MIDI track and don’t like it so I click to delete it, this immediately closes the score window. Even when I hit the space bar to stop Cubase the last recorded track gets focus and the score doesn’t show me what I want to see anymore.

It would be cool if I could make it less “context sensitive” and just stay on screen with that one score while I work on the other midi tracks or wave events; so this is another reason for a dedicated button. Sort of like a “read score” mode. With the current Cubase, is is actually possible to display 2 separate scores at the same time? E.g. if I wanted to show a piano track on the left and a violin on the right hand screen …

If the Score window is the active window, MIDI will record there. Probably the best option would be to draw a blank event on the track you want to record on, then open the Score editor with both the staff you want to “read” and the staff you want to record. If you select the “record” staff, you can record there and see both as they are created. There is not a way to have two Score windows open at the same time. I hope this information is helpful.