Scored notes moved forward

Hi People
I score a straightforward on-the-beat melody in the score editor but I find that some notes are shifted forward slightly - maybe 1/32 of a beat - not shown in the score but appears in the MIDI.
Why is this? - have I switched some randomizer on by mistake?


In the Scores Settings > Staff > Main, there is Display Quantize parameter. If Notes are set to 16 (what is the default value), you don’t see the 1/32 shift, if the shift doesn’t cause the move to the other 16th quantise grid slot.

Thanks for the reply. Here are my Score Settings. Display quantize/Notes is set to 16.
Any other ideas?


Set it to 32, please.

Thank you. It might take a while to show up as it seems to be an occasional thing. I will get back if it happens again.
Is there anything in the documentation or Youtube videos that explains how this works?