Scores and arranger mode: Form symbol playback not working

Hi folks.

Im trying to create a simple “Real Book” kind of score using the Da Capos and Segnos. After following the procedure on the manual, I can´t get the cursor to go back to the beggining or jump to segnos via the form symbols.

The manual is not very clear on how to get the form symbols detected.

Am I supposed to create an arranger chain on the sequencer?

The manual says the contrary: “Playback follows the repeats and Project symbols in the score – sections within
repeat symbols are repeated, the playback position jumps to the beginning when
encountering a Da Capo symbol, and so on.”

Furthermore, I don´t know where the D.C symbol is! Theres other D.Cs or D.S symbols, but not a simple D.C.

Keep in mind that repeat signs need to be inserted into the Project Layer in order to affect playback.

Right click on the symbol in the Form Symbols palette and select “Insert to Project Layer”.
Also don’t forget to activate Arranger Mode.

Thanks! I wasnt adding the symbols to the score layer.

Can you tell me how to add “to coda” or “to segno” markings?

I also cannot find the Regular D.C without the ending “al Segno” or “al fine” :unamused:

I was able to create the markings via the user symbols but they don´t govern playback… please help!

There are no simple D.S. or D.C. markings, you’ll have to use one of the existing D.S. al Coda etc. markings, hide it, and insert your text manually instead.

Neither are there “To Coda” and “To Segno” active markers unfortunately. I’m afraid you’ll have to use the Arranger Track for that.

Oh my, how astonishing.

I wonder why Steinberg left that out of the equation. Thankfully the arranger track can cover for any kind need in the “form/repeats” department.

Thank you for your time Maestro!

And now that I got your atention, would you share the biggest pros and cons you´ve found on the Score Editor? Im teaching a Cubase course and we have a couple of classes focusing on the Score Editor, but Im not a notation expert.

Thank you again for your valuable time.

On your last point, allow me; some interesting reading here:-

Thanks Puma0382!