Scores: hidden notes visible (9.0/9.5)

Since I did not find a button to “Hide hidden notes” in Scores window, I suppose this is an error. Take a look on attached picture.
Bar 5 have first half of P1 and bar 6 have second half of P2. So why Scores window (in lower zone and in windowed score editor) is showing hidden notes of both parts?

Not only notes of hidden parts are visible. If I add user symbol to scores in second half of P1, then it is visible in bar 5 - it should not be visible. Then I tried with form symbols and other symbols - there are lot of errors. For example, I add a symbol A (in a box) and by moving in a hidden part, it becomes B, then it jumps somewhere out of part, if I add guitar chord symbol… etc… (179 KB)

This score test I created in 9.5.10. Meet crashes when I add user symbols in Scores editor. Then I open it in 9.0.30. Did not crash, but have the same issues described in first post.

Then I save it and open in 9.5.10 with hope that I can test more. But it creashes. I attached dump.
Cubase 64bit 2017.12.29 (174 KB)

Any update on this? My User Symbols (created in C7) are causing crashes when I open the project in C9.5.