Scores: How Do You Do Measured Tremolo?

Hello. Anyone know this? I want measured tremolo - in this case it would be a single line through the 8th note stems. But as far as I can tell this means having to draw in every single term line on every single stem which will take forever.

Is there any way to do it quickly, like the way you can paste note attributes? Really, tremolo lines should be classed as note attributes shouldn’t they?

Thanks if you know!


If you could upload a screenshot of exactly what you mean?
But tremoli and repeats are available in the context menu (on a selected note/group of notes), in Group/Ungroup>Repeat (or Brillenbass)… but they don’t cover every possibility :wink:.

Like this, maybe?..

hmm… i’ve tried this but if you select a large group of notes it beams them all together. I want them to be two-note groups of 8th notes, each with a single tremolo stroke, as in the first bar of your picture there.

I can see that if I select just two notes and then select Group/Ungroup > Repeat… > 16th I get the desired effect, but then I need to repeat this procedure for EVERY group of two notes, and there’s a lot of them.

Maybe I can just do it for a bar and write ‘Sempre’ - but what musical expression cancels a ‘sempre’ instruction?

thanks if you know the answer to one or both of these queries Vic, most appreciated.



Yep, it’s a bit of a “Catch 22” situation there :wink:… if you select them all, it… groups… them.
However, it will not group together notes that aren’t consecutive, so what I actually did, in that first bar, was select just the 8th-notes on beats 1 and 3, then the Tremolo operation gave the result that you see there. Over a long passage, that would indeed be only moderately less tedious than doing each one individually (i.e. selecting every other paired group of 8th-notes).
I haven’t yet tried it, but I suspect the desired result could be obtained in two steps via the Logical Editor (the first, selecting odd-numbered beats… then tremolo function, then a 2nd time, selecting even-numbered beats. Probably could make a couple of macros, to at least make that all just a two-click operation :wink:.

I have no idea what expression cancels a “sempre” (I’ll ask a colleague of mine, who just happens to be italian :wink: ).
What I usually do (although I’ve always used “sim” rather than “sempre”… but yours is correct :wink: ), is to write out in full the last group of notes that uses the “sim”, followed by first note/group of notes that no longer makes use of the “sim” (and maybe add another “sim” after that one).
Maybe it is “ordinario”?