Scores In C Pro 9

Hi All,
I hope I’m in the right section for this:
I used the score function for the first time and got most of my questions answered by the manual. The one thing I couldn’t find is how to name the score before or after printing/exporting it. So, I am forced to tap into the forum wisdom. Thanks for your thoughts!


What do you mean by naming the score? Are you talking about the score title?

If so, make sure you’re in Page Mode, use Page Text (in “Other” palette on the left) to insert your title, choose position, and check “Show on First Page”.

Yes, The Maestro. I meant the score title. Thanks for the guidance!

Ok, one more question. Is there a way to hide all the rest/quaver symbols?

Do you want to only hide the quaver rests? Or all the rests?
In the first case there’s no way that I know, excepted hiding them manually with the Hide function.

I was hoping you weren’t going to say that. So, I would have to select each rest individually and then click the hide function?
The reason for this is that I’m making a simple chart for a 6 year old and it looks a lot more complicated with all the rests.

The rests are created automatically, in function of the actual note lengths and the Display Quantize settings. So, maybe if you set the Display Quantize setting for Rests to “'4” (i.e. quarter-note length), then the Quaver note rests would disappear (but the notes would then appear longer, to compensate).

Thanks Vic_France. I’m just about finished hiding all of them but in the future, I’ll try the Display Quantize approach.