Scores in VST24

I have quite a few scores in VST24 v.3.65, from an old computer. Now I need the scores. I do not have the program any more. Just the files (.all) How can I get the scores? Can anybody help? Can I buy a new licence? Can I open somehow? Please help me.

Best from pagsberg / Denmark.

If you buy Cubase Pro 9, you can download Cubase SX 3 which is able to open these .all files and save them as modern Cubase projects, which can be edited in Cubase 9. I don’t know if the scores are imported properly, but the MIDI parts work. If you’re unsure about the purchase, I believe that the demo license can also run Cubase SX 3 so you can test how well the .all conversion works.

You can download Cubase SX 3 here: