Scores/Open Layout menu item should be grayed out

  1. Create a project with a midi part and open it in the Score Editor to create a Layout.
  2. Close the Score Editor
  3. Open the Mixconsole and click on it to set the focus on it.
  4. Go to Scores/Open Layout, which is not grayed out indicating it is valid to use, and click.
  5. In the resulting dialog box select a layout to open
  6. The Score Editor does not open.
  7. Click on the Project Window to set focus there.
  8. Go to Scores/Open Layout and click.
  9. In the dialog box select a layout to open
  10. The Score Editor now opens the layout.

Hi Raino

I can confirm your repro. And further discovered that the Open Layout dialog only functions correctly in the MIDI editors and project window. But what’s the bug? The fact that the menu is not grayed out in accordance with the function, or that a function is missing? :wink:

It seems to me that it shouldn’t matter matter what I was doing immediately before attempting to open a layout (and hence the window focus). Unlike Scores/Open Selection, for example, there is no reason that opening a layout should be context dependent.

(Playing devil’s advocate here) seeing as the the manual reads:

Opening a layout
The “Open Layout” command on the Scores menu opens a dialog listing all available layouts for the Project.
•Select the desired layout in the list and click OK to open the tracks contained in the layout in the Score Editor.
This is a quick way for opening several tracks in the Score Editor directly from the Project window> .

I think the developers might say the issue is that the menu is not grayed out…

I’ll see your devil and raise you a demon. :imp: :smiling_imp:

If that’s so, it seems like an odd design choice because there is no real dependency between the project window and opening a layout. For example, it makes sense that you have to have focus on the Score Editor to open Score Settings because one is dependent on the other. On the other hand I can open the Pool Window independent of what window currently has focus. Generally when opening any of the midi editors you need to select some midi parts before hand so it knows what to edit. But Score Layouts are different since the “what to edit” information is built in.

Granted this falls pretty far down the list of what I think needs fixing in Cubase. Still I get annoyed every time I go to the menu, open the dialog, select a layout, click OK and then nothing happens - and then I have to click on the Project window and repeat. This is especially true with the new windowing because if you open a project with any windows besides the Project window open the initial focus will be on one of those other windows.

I’ll see your demons and raise you an eternity in purgatory. :wink:

Since it’s documented, I would say the bug is that the menu is active when it shouldn’t be. Hope you don’t mind, I edited the subject.