Scores rendering incorrectly after update

I do apologize if this has been covered elsewhere but I seem to have missed it. I scanned the first 5 pages of the search results for “layout” and am not seeing anything either.

I decided to reprint a few of the scores that I had engrave prior to the most recent update. Now when I open them (after updating to the current version) the layout is totally destroyed. All my careful engraving is totally gone (not by a little mind you… some things are totally unusable with heavy collisions that make the score literally unreadable).

I’m just curious if this is happening to other people as well? Fortunately I’d saved PDFs of most everything but I like printing from directly within Dorico so I know it is rendered properly. Occasionally, in my previous experience, certain elements of the score (especially if there was scaling involved) do not render correctly in a PDF viewer.

You shouldn’t find that the layout is totally destroyed, but in particular the vertical spacing went through some pretty substantial changes between version 1.0.30 and version 1.1, but I would hope that if the edits you had made to vertical spacing in 1.0.30 were to even up the spacing, resetting the vertical spacing should produce results pretty close to what you had to adjust by hand.