Scores unreadable

When I open a midi file in Score mode, I get the telephones and so on (see attachment) instead of the conventional notation. Why is this?

This is caused by missing fonts. Probably a reinstall will fix it.

Not the answer I was hoping for but thank anyway.

Hi further have you had any luck with a fix?
I have the same thing happening in my cubase6.
I reinstalled but still the same.
let me know if you have worked it out. :question:

No fullardjeff. I haven’t even tried reinstalling the software. Its such a pain. I’ve sort of resigned myself to getting a recent version of Cubase. My version is way old. But for now, I just play the piano. Hope you get somewhere. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Thanks for reply. It would seem the cure IS TO PAY MONEY AND UPGRADE TO MORE RECENT VERSION. This is disappointing.
Cubase 6 is not that old. I will be exploring other Daw’s. Poor form Steinberg

Cubase 6 came out in 2010. If that is “not that old” for a computer program to you, I would like you to take me for a ride in your horse and buggy.

Steve, I guess he’s unhappy with the rapid upgrades in most software packages. It is not only the cost (and Arc is pretty costly), it has having to relearn how to do simple things that were easily done in the past. This is so frustrating and such a hinderance to productivity. I have never had the pleasure of a horse and buggy but with Cubase 2.0, I could walk through green pastures singing and don’t need to be pressured to buy a car and hit the freeways.

That’s true. But then, to continue the metaphor, you would have to stay in that self-same pasture, and ignore the traffic- or without the metaphor, you have to not update your OS.

I have tried cubase7 cubase8 etc etc via the free trials They do nothing fresh that would make me spend the money.
When I purchased cubase 6 I assumed that if I ran into probs support would be forthcoming.
I was wrong. The only support from steinberg was that I should remove preference folders and if that did not work reinstall the program.
I had already done that so did it again. NO FIX.
It is taking several days between asking and receiving a reply from the service center here in Australia.
Not impressed.

No Jeff, I agree; it/s pretty crappy. Most software companies are pretty cynical in the way they exploit their customers but Steinberg are among the worst

Steinberg is certainly the devil because your computer is missing a font file.