Scorico is live!

Hi folks,

I’m very glad to say that is live! Scorico is a site meant for sharing user-generated Dorico content: mostly scores, but also libraries, scripts, educational resources, and all sorts of things. Please look around, and feel free to submit feedback using the contact page.

If you want to submit content, here’s how it works:

  1. Apply to become a vendor.
  2. Once you’re approved, login and upload scores through the vendor portal. Your uploads will be sent to the moderation team for approval. If they’re approved, you’ll get a notification, and your content will be live on the site.
  3. Scorico operates on the “pay what you want” model. Users can “purchase” anything for free, but they’re encouraged to pay something. Vendors get 50% of all donations given towards their products and can track this through their vendor portal.
  4. Vendors can edit or delete their products at any time.
  5. At present, submissions are made available under the ATTRIBUTION CC BY license, which is the most permissive of all the Creative Commons licenses. If you’re looking for a place to advertise and sell your own compositions, this isn’t a good fit for you. Again, users are encouraged to donate, but they don’t have to.

A few salient points:

  1. There’s not a lot on the site yet. Scorico’s relevance will be entirely dependent on the quality content submitted by users (“vendors”)! It’s up to you, the community, to post resources for others to use.
  2. The site will be moderated, both in terms of copyright (don’t try to submit material owned by others, please, or you’ll get rejected) and in terms of quality. The latter is somewhat subjective, but moderators will not approve scores that are poorly done or quirky (there are sites for that sort of thing already). We want Scorico to be a site that represents the excellent notation that Dorico can produce in the hands of a capable user.
  3. Vendors must upload COMPLETE submissions: a PDF and Dorico file at minimum. Submissions that don’t include both will be rejected automatically. It’s advisable to also upload a 600 × 781 JPEG of the first page of your score that will appear in the search results.

Please do consider both submitting and purchasing resources. Let’s help boost Dorico’s reputation and create a valuable hub for sharing resources.

Again, feedback welcome. Thanks all!


Congratulations! Will check it out when I get a chance.

Yes, congratulations Dan! I know it has been a lot of work to get going but expect it will be a wonderful asset for Dorico users. I already bought Bach’s Art of the Fugue and am delighted to be able to see, hear and study it in pristine Dorico format (thanks to Juerg Loeffler, a regular contributor to this forum)!

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Well done Dan, the site looks really professional, and the logo with it’s two little dots is excellent.

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Amazing! I just applied as a vendor.

Is it possible to update existent contributions as a vendor? (e.g. a hopefully rare mistake has been spotted?)

This reminds me of the statement of “the last Notenstecher of Würzburg”, Hans Kühner, when being asked how he corrects mistakes: “I don’t make mistakes” (with a grinning face).


Yes, you can edit your submission, which returns it to the queue for approval.

I’d like to post something with no download/purchase fee but can’t get past the request for a Pay Pal email. Is this possible in any way?

When you register as a vendor, there’s an option to waive commission. If you have to put in a PayPal email, put in a dummy email and it should be fine.


Well I am not there yet :sweat_smile:

Beautiful commissions, by the way!

Is there a way as a contributor to give 100% commission to the developer(s)? Youse guys did all the work!

Thanks! Yes, vendors can opt out of commissions.

Congratulations Dan! Looks great!

Congratulations ! :tada: :confetti_ball:

Just a quick update to say Scorico is off to a good start! Quite a few scores already posted, and lots of registered vendors.

As the site grows, I do intend to improve the home page to make it easier to search by categories, with a sidebar filter and some way to feature new resources. Also planning on adding “Vendor pages,” which will feature each vendor and list their scores on a single landing page.

Once the donations pay off the initial development costs. :sunglasses:



I think you’ll need to update he search engine of your website, so if I search for “Satie” or “Debussy” I get no results.

Yes, the search functionality is temporarily broken. We’re working on it. Sorry, I’m finding websites are hard sometimes…

I don’t know how hard it is to implement, but maybe a search engine that also is permissive to typos/alternative spellings?

For example that both “Händel” and “Handel” work

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Great idea, thanks. I’ll look into that.