scoring and expression maps number of groups

For something completely different:
I use expression maps a lot writing in score. I make (software assisted) maps, which are frequently covering most of the available articulations for each of the VSL instruments I use. I am hampered in this by the limitation to 4 groups in the maps. Has there been given thought on increasing the number of groups in the maps, to say 6 groups ? That would make a more structural approach possible for all instruments I use, and I think in general.


I too use VSL with very complex Expression Maps settings, and indeed I’ve run out of groups.
And indeed, I need at least 5 groups. I think 6 will be OK actually as you mentioned.

Based on the XML structure of the expression maps, it could be that it is not a complicated or expensive, and a backward compatible change for Steinberg, but I am not a software engineer. Maybe it is something that can be impemented in C11,