scoring and scrolling and the mouse

I use the score editor a lot. I would like to be able to:
a: scroll forward/backward in the score editor with the one of the 2 wheels on my logitech mouse like I can in the project window
b: enter notes a bit more precise with my mouse. The way I do it, I have to zoom in a lot (with which wheel of my mouse) to get an accurate note drop, but with the high zoom I cannot oversee enough of the score on the screen with the unfluid zoom functions in the score editor.

I have not found “tools” yet to assist me. Would you have suggestions ?


Here’s what I suggest:

a: you can scroll (through pages) with the mouse wheel in Page Mode.

b: two options (among others):
1- insert the note the best you can without zooming, then while the note is still selected, use your mouse wheel to get the correct pitch if needed. Notice you’ll have to enable “Use Mouse Wheel to Transpose Notes” in Preferences>Scores>Editing.
2- Use “Computer Keyboard Input” to insert notes (needs practice to get used to it).

In a nutshell: work in Page Mode and I you’ll probably be fine.

Thanks for the response Maestro. I would need much larger screens (> 27") for efficient working in page mode. Maybe touch screens are accurate enough by now, haven’t tried that yet,

The holy grail would be handwriting recognition in the score! :wink:

Touch screens have been more than accurate for a long time, the problem is Cubase that is not even touch-friendly (yet …).

Ok, we wait,

PreSonus Notion claims: “Compose when and how you want and even enter music with your own handwriting.”
I haven’t tried it yet.

I have tried it on my Surface Pro.
It just needs some practice but it works quite well.