Scoring documentation. Always click Apply before making another staff active

The manual says:

6 . Activate a staff, select Scores > Settings, and make initial staff settings.
Always click Apply before making another staff active.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf — WebHelp Version)

A better note would be:
→ Before activating another staff, click Apply to save the settings made.

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But that would not be better, since it’s grammatically incorrect.

Why do you say that the note I suggested is grammatically incorrect? Can you please give me a hint? I suspect “settings made” should be replaced with “settings you’ve just made”

“made” is redundant.

The way they have it now actually has a very clear meaning.

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To me, “Always click…” sounds less of a note, and more of a warning, not to mention that it requires an additional mental process. “The way they have it now” (to use the same phrasing) is not that good because you need to correlate the note with the reason why you always have to “click Apply before making another staff active”.


Why did you post a neutral face?
I agree to the fact that “made” is reduntant, but can’t agree with @steve’s second line…

A bit amused about the whole thing (and a bit perplexed), what’s the point in grammatical corrections? I think it’s a bit funny, that’s all.

Don’t you think grammar is important?

I do, but I am not about to start correcting people left right and center and I don’t expect people to correct me, it’s a bit silly really.

It is not correcting people that is problematic, but how you do it. I really think we both can agree on this. And it’s never silly to state your opinion on a subject. This is how we learn how the other one is thinking.

Anyway, what can you say about the current topic of discussion? Do you have anything to add? I’m asking because talking only about grammar or good manners is a bit off topic. I don’t want to be kicked out again from the forum. :grin:

I wish I could, but I don’t use the scoring side of things on Cubase. Only dealing with MIDI & Audio on Cubase, sorry buddy, I hope you find the solution to the issue you posted here.

I think this suggestion is good, just take out the word “made”:
Before activating another staff, click Apply to save the settings.
(It’s easy to forget to do this)

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