Scoring documentation. "Make Chord Symbol" function

The manual says:

Make Chord Symbols analyzes the selected notes and creates a chord symbol.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf — WebHelp Version)

Yes, but all the [selected] notes have to reside in the same MIDI part (same staff).
EDIT: I was wrong to state the above. The function turns out to be working as it should.

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Hi Alin89c.

What do you mean by

because I can use that function as well if I have the notes on different tracks…

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Thank you so much for the question. I think you’re right (that the function also works on different tracks – i.e. MIDI parts on separate tracks). I believe I’ve made a mistake…

It would be helpful for other users (including me) for you to include in your Discourse profile the Cubase version you have and the operating system you currently work on.

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You’re right. I didn’t think of this and will do it right away :wink:

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