Scoring in Cubase 9 Artist

Just been doing some arranging for a commission and I usually use cubase as the MIDI / audio software then export the piece as a MIDI file then import it into Sibelius as a MIDI file then simply use Sibeius as my notating and scoring software. However I’ve always known of Cubase’s ability to score so I thought i’d try it out. Everything went well up until the point of printing my work where I couldn’t find any function or option panel for making the score A4 so I could print it out. I have tried page setup on the file options within the main cubase application however the score seems to want to simply be printed in one big line so when final outcome is usually two bars and a half at the top of the page then nothing else. I’ve looked elsewhere online and no one seems to be having this problem, I’m assuming it’s to do with me not owning a cubase 9 Pro copy however if Steinberg see it necessary to prevent cubase 9 artist users from printing their scores then I find it highly incompetent of them to leave out this feature in this version of their software.

Indeed, in Cubase Artist you only get the edit view and no page view. You should be able to do some rudimentary printing though. While it was pretty quirky, and you can’t resize the staves, I have been able to print from Cubase Artist.

If you want to pursue that, post your OS and maybe a pdf of your printing result, there a re a few avid (no pun intended :wink: ) Score users here who might help you out.

Ah okay, thanks very much for your help on this matter. I find it a bit underwhelming that artist will let you score to your heart’s content but when it comes to the final stage of printing it asks for another couple of hundred quid to actually print. I probably just stick to exporting to Sibelius for now then :laughing:

In all fairness to SB, that is what it says on the tin.