Scoring page layout preset for ledger size printing


I am looking for a Cubase template with the layout already adapted to the ledger or A3 print format. The Orchestra Mahler page layout preset is not ready for that printing size yet. On a ledger/A3 size paper I could have separate staves for my wind and brass parts.

Do you know where I could find this? At worst I will adapt the Mahler page layout preset to fit with my needs but I would have prefered to start from a closer page layout preset to my own need in order to save time and benefit from layout tricks that I may not know.

I need this to print blank partitions for handwriting.

This is done in File>Page Setup. The template in the Hub does not address the engraving aspects of printing notation, just supplies the instruments and presumably, staff transpositions.

Thanks, I will check that :slight_smile: