Scoring really inaccurate

I’m having a hard time even getting a baseline accuracy on the scoring. I’m sure it’s some combination of settings I’m missing. I need a guide or documentation to help me figure it out but I’m not sure where to start.

What I’ve done is just a basic 4/4 score with the C Major scale as quarter notes. But at least one of the notes always becomes a tied 8th note in some odd configuration, sometimes as a third.

When I play a more complex melody made of 8th notes, it’s unplayable as a score. They’re all straight up chords, but notes get disconnected.


Could you send a screenshot, please? Scoring in Cubase Elements/LE/AI is only the very basic set.

Use Dorico instead. At least Dorico Elements could help you. The scoring system built in Cubase till now (9.5) is not a good choice.


I agree, Cubase is not a Scoring software, Dorico is.