scoring templates

I do not understand why the templates in Cubase 6.5 prepared for scoring are assigned to midi tracks ?
Midi tracks are for Midi devices ( like a hardware synth ) or soundmodule…
O… perhaps you must use the score template with a soundmodule?
Strange, because there a so many much better VSTi to get for classical sounds

or for VSTi that are loaded into the VST instrument window.

It is confusing…there are :

  • VSt instrument track

  • Instrument track

  • midi track

Ok when a VSTi instrument track (F11) uses a midi tracks , than i must assign instruments to the score template
Than the only possibility is than, that i replace the first sound(instrument( of the Midi channel in the score template with the Halinon Sonic Se Vsti and use this as a multitibral instrument.
So i load only once the Halion Sonic Se on midi channel1… but perhaps better…
Perhaps it is better to let the score template in the original state and add the Halion Sonic Se to the bottom of the midichannels, than i can assign the instruments from the Halion Se to the template score

F11 is the instrument rack, not an instrument track. :wink:

You are right… i was thinking of the result of the F11 instrument rack when i create a midi track with this rack … a Vsti instrument track
I am too fast in thinking :slight_smile: