Any one here using the Score in C7 much?

I used it on a quick arrangement last week.
I have been using Nuendo 3 since it was released…was able to find MOST of what I needed in C7 but the new Auto Layout “features” were really bad in my case.
Going to watch some of the Tutorials to see if it sheds any light on it for me.

At the end of the day however, the players knew what notes to play, I finished the job and the client was happy.
Just need to get a bit more familiar with how everything works now with the Layers and Layout.
LOVED a lot of the new features/methods I found.


It’s more notation-editing that real scoring. If you need to write scores and parts for the players, consider investing in a dedicated application like Sibelius or Finale. Or wait for Steinberg to release their own, since they hired the Sibelius team for that.

Guess I’ve been doing it wrong for the last 10 years :slight_smile:

I’ve done hundreds of charts for Records and FIlms using Nuendo and Cubase.
I used to write by hand. I used Finale for a while but really disliked going back and forth between different programs so have done them all in Nuendo 1-3 for a long time.

The Layout functions of course were never as good as Finale and on big jobs I hired a Finale copyist and exported MIDI tracks for them.

The new functions in C7 look promising.

You are probably doing this by now but do you ever export Music XML… for them instead or is it still just easier to export it as MIDI?

Anyone having luck getting the “Display Markers” and “Display Chord Track” to not conflict with each other? When you do auto layout it doesn’t stop them from conflicting and exporting Music XML… doesn’t export the Marker text in the score.

If there is no auto update is there an easy way to select all the Marker text or Chords like you can in Sibelius for selecting all similar items. It seems I have to select each element individually.

What kind of layout problems were you encountering?
I always use them just as a “starting point”, from which I have never found it very difficult to manually “home in” on (more-or-less :wink: ) the desired result :slight_smile:.

The chords and the markers all overlap with each other and there are a lot of both.

(trying to imagine what that looks like :wink: )…
I’d just drag the (grand) staff downwards, to allow space, then select all Chords, and drag into a convenient space, then do likewise for the Markers. This does happen to me too, sometimes, but I fix it, even for a score of 20 pages or so, in a matter of about 10 minutes (including making the rest of the score look correct again after dragging).

How do you select all the chords and markers are you just shift clicking on every single one with the Object Selection tool and then moving them around? Is there a way to select one chord and then have all of the chords selected?

Thanks for your help with this.

You should be able to Shift+double-click on the first Chord (or the first Marker) and it will select all similar events (maybe only for the current page?)

Ah double click that’s it, thanks a bunch, that selects similar items on all pages for chords (but only selects on the same page for Markers), just what I was looking for! This is now much more manageable!