'scratch pad' equivalent

The Studio One scratch pad is a fantastic idea. It would be wonderful if something similar could be added to Cubase.

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Perhaps you could expand your description so the whole class can follow along

It’s an area in Studio One’s equivalent of the ‘right zone’ that contains dummy versions of each of the tracks. It enables you to record draft audio without it clogging up your main tracks view, and you can then copy and paste it to the main view when you’re happy with it. It can be used in other ways too, but my primary use case would be to be able to explore ideas while keeping my main timeline uncluttered.

Hope that explains it a bit better. There are other useful use cases for it too, I’m sure. There are also likely to be YouTube videos on it too if you’re interested in looking into it further.

Have you explored using Track Versions for that? Not the same thing at all but it can help cut down on clutter.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it, but I’m not sure it’s quite the same thing - there’s something about visually having the ‘scratch’ tracks in front of me at all times that works for the way my brain works.

I might give it a try though and see if I can adapt.

long time FR

I don’t know if it’s a feature in Nuendo already, but the very simple action of dragging stuff TO mediabay would cover this very nicely for me.

Humm, where have I heard that before…?

I had to look up what it was, sounded interesting. The video used it heavily in conjunction with the arranger, which Cubase has its own version of. Perhaps the arranger track may be interesting to you?

Sorry, yes you did say that. At least we agree!

Thanks Bison, I’m a fan of the arranger track (it’s one of the reasons I’m trying out Cubase again after some time with Logic and Ableton Live).