Scratch pad !

I still put things i want to test wayyy on the right of the arranger view, so this scratch pad thing is very appealing to me. I already asked for this, but one more time can’t hurt ! :laughing:

Oh wow, that seems like a cool idea. By the title, I thought you were talking about another notepad (though I think the notepad could use some new features).

So this is like an A/B feature but for the project window/arrangement? If so, that would be amazing. However, I’m not sure why it would have to take up so much real estate/space. Why can’t you just have it be an A/B setting (or A/B/C/etc…), similar to how all the plugins have an A/B setting… but just applied to the project window instead?

I also plus this several times before,and also had this request in the last steinberg survey.
Great feature!

Hey Mozizo ! Cool to see you onboard ! :sunglasses: I wonder how everybody’s doing editing, as this do not seem to be a popular feature request… :unamused: