Screeching noise coming from headphones, input level in DAW maxed when no matter what

I’ve had this issue with both my desktop PC and my laptop and it seems to be unfixable, so I’m not sure if what I have is faulty, or if something is messed up settings-wise. Whenever I turn the DAW knob towards “DAW”, the screeching gets worse and worse to the point to where my ears literally cannot handle it. When it’s on input it’s not there, but in Bias FX 2 and even Reaper, the volume signal shows that it’s maxed out even when there’s no sound coming from my guitar. I’ve updated the drivers to the latest version, tried different instrument cables and chords, and even tried using different USB 2.0 plugins and nothing has seemed to work. This has made the interface unusable and I want to know if it’s a faulty product, or if I’m not using it correctly.