Screen advice please.

I’m looking to buy a bigger screen so’s I can see the mixer easier, I currently have 3 24inch screens at 1920 by 1080 and was wondering if a 29 inch 1920 by 1200 screen would be a worthwhile improvement, A 4K screen would mean changing my graphics card as well so not looking to go that far…maybe :confused:

cheers, Kevin


Buying a higher inch monitor will surely give you some extra.
The 29" monitor will support 2560X1080 resolution.

You can buy a monitor which supports 1980X1200 but need to check the compatibility with GPU as well.
Can you please tell us which GPU you have.

Thank you,
Wyatt Edwards

Hi, thanks for your reply…a good point regarding the 2560x1080 on a bigger screen, never thought of that :slight_smile: so that should do it…my GPU is in my sig…1920x1200 screens seem to be hard to come by at the mo so reckon I’ll go for a bigger screen and use the hi reso…thanks mate… :slight_smile:

Just be sure the monitor you choose supports the highter resolution, there are plenty of older larger (particularly 32") monitors that only support up to 1920x1080.

I use 25 inch monitor with 2560x1440p resolution, ACER dont know the exact type. It has enough width and especially height for me. I wouldn’t go with smaller size with this resolution. I had been trying out 24inch and the text was too small to read carefully. With 25inch, event it is just 1 inch, the readilibility is optimal. I sit at arm-length from the monitor, the keyboard touching it.

ok thanks