Screen Breakup in Steinberg Applications

Hi - First time poster and user. I’ve searched for an answer to this but had no luck. Hope an experienced user here just might have the solution.

I’ve been trying to pull the trigger on a DAW and possibly jump into the world of Cubase and Steinberg but having a a major problem with Steinberg applications regarding just the simplae action of displaying them correctly on the screen.

Having updated all my display drivers on my computer (WIN10, ASUS RTX2070, 16GB, RYZEN2700X, DELL 3014 2560 x 1600) but still having a screen breakup problem. Please see the attached image of Retrologue.

This display problem also happens in Cubase. Just to stress it does not happen in any other application (including other DAWs I’m trialling). Yes I know it looks for all the world like a display driver issue so the first thing I did was make sure the drivers were up to date. Others have said to reset all preferences which I’ve tried but still the same.

This is what happens. The Steinberg application will initially display correctly but within 30 seconds it’ll start to corrupt. Then if I ALT-TAB to another app and ALT-TAB back to Retrologue or Cubase it’ll sometimes display correctly then slowly as I move my mouse over it it’ll corrupt. One thing to note is the app still works and hasn’t crashed.

This is just Cubase and Retrologue (the only Steinberg programs I have installed) all other DAWs and all other apps on my machine do not have any problems.

If anybody has any idea of a solution I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Hi and welcome,

This is not Cubase issue. I have seen this here on the forum – I have seen the solution here. But unfortunately I forgot the solution. Maybe Windows update? Please, try to search here on the forum.

Same issue (but without solution) is here.


Here is the fix described.

Has I could not spot the link to the final solution first, here is the right link from the threat