Screen centered on the edit when switching modes

Now that I have been working on quite large scores 100% Dorico, I am wondering why I have to look for the notes I selected in Engraver mode if I switch to Write mode. I notice I go back to where I was the last time I left a mode, the screen does not sync with selections — that would probably lead to edits 90% of the time ! Maybe this could be an option for the next release (or maybe the option already exists but I do not know it).
Thanks in advance.

Another feature I would love would be the ability to switch voices. I just had to re-write a whole part because I did not take care of which voice was engaged when inputting the notes…

The problem with switching between Write and Engrave modes occurs when Write mode is in galley view, and Engrave mode is in page view. If you keep Write mode in page view, then you’ll find the view stays in exactly the same spot when switching modes. We’ll try to improve the current situation when working in different views in the different modes, of course.

An editing operation to change the stem direction of a voice or to swap the contents of two voices is a high priority for us to add as soon as we can.

As I am starting off with a short score that needed engraving, to use for realistic practice purposes, I am finding myself asking a lot of questions. Frustration would be lessened in the learning curve if there were a few tips like this one, which might be more visible (or added to the FAQ?).