Screen flashes white on Windows

When having the project window maximized and opening a maximized key editor, the entire screen flashes white for a short while as the key editor window updates. This is pretty hard on the eyes when repeated a lot on a large monitor.

Cubase 7.5 doesn’t exhibit the same behavior. Issue occurs at least on Cubase 8.0.0 64-bit, Windows 7.

EDIT: Full specs sent via PM.

Also, noticed that while it flashes white, you can see a blue title bar for the Key Editor on the top, with the title in the left corner. So apparently the white is related to this “unfinished” window that then gets updated to have the correct look.


Do you have AEREO activated? Could you please elaborate on your system specifications or place them on your signature?
Are you sure you have your graphics card drivers up to date?

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I have The Same Problem.
White Flashes, when i open mixer, key editor, sample editor etc…
My Video:
AMD Radeon 7800 series with latest Drivers.
Aero - Active.

I get this but I assumed it was just a new screen being drawn. If I use alt+tab to switch between windows that already exist, this doesn’t happen. I’m on Win 8, so no aero.

I can confirm similar issues here - everything runs like a charm, Aero is on etc - when I hit F3 for the Mixer for example I have a white screen for about half a second - no dropouts, no crashes - but I would agree that on a quad head setup that short “white screen” is somewhat annoying - at least it does not look “smooth” to clients etc…

also happens here.
But actually this is a problem that also occurs with Cubase 7 and is produce by the Aereo in Windows, to avoid that you need to deactivated it, now this is not possible anymore cause c8 wont open.
The interesting thing is that if you open C8 and then you go to: system Properties-Performances Options - Visual Effects and you disable desktop composition living the Enable Aereo peek, the flashing white wont occurs any more.
Of course C8 will crash after that, but is important to now this behavior. (Maybe leave place for a solution )

Happens to me when pulling up mixer windows.

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Have you tried resetting the Mixer?
While holding the Alt key click on the functions menu of the Mixer and select “Reset Mix console window”.
It is the arrow on the upper right corner of the mixer.

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I get this occassionally—since Cubase 7.0—on the Key Editor only (not the mix console at all), on Mac OS X 10.9.

I also get this short white flash when opening Mixer in C8, (was not there/noticeable in C7.5)
WIn7 64bit Aero, GTX770 newest Drivers, Core i5, 16GB, 1 Screen

Same here. Any Cubase window, that is being opened (rather than Alt-tabbed) first flashes white, then it’s being filled with proper content. So the window is first being opened empty, then drawn.

Plugin windows (graphics intensive) tend to flash when they are being closed too.

VST Instruments window (F11), when full of plugins is first being opened empty - you can only see the top bar and the border, then it’s filled with content after a while.

Windows 7 64bit, Intel i7, 64GB RAM, Geforce 210 (2 of these, latest drivers), Aero on.

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Here too.

It even happens in Greg Ondo’s video on c8’s gui enhancements, which is ironic.

Here the same.
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.


Same here with Windows 7 and 8.1 pro.

Nvidia GFX card (GTX 970) has latest drivers…


I moved this thread out of the Issue Reports Forum because it is not a bug, it is just how it works. Although it is not pretty, it is not a fault in the programming.

Our devs know about it and are working on a way to make this more manageable, but it still doesn’t fall in the “bug” category.


What? I’m sorry, but how can the screen randomly flashing be “the way that it works”??

How could the screen flashing white, randomly not be a bug? It only happens in Cubase, and I’ve only experienced it in the last year or so.

I agree. Can’t be “how it works”’. It works wrong and a fix is needed. Period.
And yes, it happens only in Cubase.