Screen formatting bug

Is there a known remedy to ensure the top of the main editor window opens correctly? More often than not, the very top part of the screen showing the locators, Status, Info and Overview panels are not displaying correctly… sometimes it works fine. See screenshot below. (Cubase Artist 6.07 32bit PC) :imp:

Try trashing Prefs.

OK. I’ve File>>Preferences>>Clicked ‘Defaults’ and reloaded Cubase. Formatting is back as it should be now. Will see if it remains correct over the next few days. Thanks (so far!).

Any idea why this is happening?

That’s not trashing Prefs. You have to move/ delete the contents of the Cubase App Data folder and re-start Cubase.

OK. So I found the following link on how to remove the prefs (?).[productfamily]=12

Still didn’t solve my issue though. The formatting bug has reappeared again :imp:

I’d try a re-install.

sigh thanks man.

Could this be why ReWire tracks aren’t showing in my main project window as well? Only place I can see them is in my Mixer panel.

Could be a RAM thing.

What do you mean? What could I do to check if it’s a ‘RAM thing’?