Screen jumping bug: reproducible case attached

I found a reproducible case for the screen jumping bug.

  1. Open the attached project.
  2. Switch to Galley View and zoom in.
  3. Select the notes in the double bass staff (measure 19).
  4. Copy the notes.
  5. Paste into the bassoon staff at the same measure.
  6. Undo.
  7. Scroll down to the double bass staff.
  8. Select the notes again.

You can get similar jumping effects with paste, undo, scroll, select, even in Page View.

(EDIT: This only occurs if “Follow selection changes on undo and redo” is enabled.) (463 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. Funnily enough we found and fixed this problem ourselves last week, so this will not go wrong in the next major release.

Great news. Do you know if most these jumping problems are related, or are they from lots of different causes? If it’s the latter, I assume we should keep submitting reproducible cases?

If you have a reproducible case of any problem, it’s always worth submitting it.