Screen jumps when entering lyrics at high zoom?

I’m seeing a curious behaviour when I type in lyrics.

  1. Select a custom Zoom size so that the page width is larger than the screen. (Something like 346% works for me.)
  2. Enter lyrics in Page View.

When the lyrics go over the end of a system, then the page view jumps to a new page every time you move the popover along (e.g. press hyphen or space.)

Is this known? Thanks.

I can’t replicate this, Ben.

I’m working with an existing song book (Vocal / Piano) and have already set up the page layouts (System Breaks / Frame Breaks) for the next song. I entered the vocal melody, started typing in lyrics, went up to zoom 500 but it all flowed as it should. Maybe the Breaks prevent it happening?

I’m actually seeing this at a variety of zoom sizes, even smaller than page-to-view, but it is somewhat intermittent. There may be another step.

Perhaps it’s relevant that there are several Flows after the one I’m using.

I’ve not seen this problem, Ben. If you can provide reproducible steps I’d be happy to look into it.

Sorry if I repost this link but…

this problem also exists for me both when I insert notes and when I insert words

Dear Italyuser,
Your video is not very comfortable to watch, to say the least. Two thing that strike me :
• You work in page view while all your music is not entered
• You have loads of empty staves ahead.

Although I can understand that you do not want to work on the last bar (because I admit I don’t like that either), I really think you should consider working in galley view, until most of the music is entered. You’ll probably less suffer from these jumps then. FYI, the shortcuts to toggle the view in write mode are ctrl-alt-1 for page view, ctrl-alt-2 for galley view (as I see you’re on Windows)
Hope this helps !

I’m sorry for the bad way to share the video.

When I copy a score (as in this case) I divide the systems exactly as in the original. this is a great way not to get confused, which is why you see a lot of empty bars

Yes, as I said “I can understand that you do not want to work on the last bar (because I admit I don’t like that either)”, the main problem here is that you’re entering your music in page view, which is really not the best workflow with Dorico. So I would expect some jumping in that situation, with a zoomed in view. My 2 cents.

ok, I apologize because my english sucks and I often seem aggressive, but that’s not my intention.

Don’t worry, my English is far from perfect too, and I didn’t notice any aggressiveness in your answer :blush:
Nor should you find any in mine!

no, you have not been aggressive. this is a forum of peace and love :slight_smile:

Marc, I actually like to enter notes in Page View, but generally only if I’m able to see a large chunk of music all at once, like an entire page. Of course, this depends on the music; I might not do this if I had a score with 75 staves, although even then it would still be possible to enter notes in a layout with just a few staves. At any rate, I don’t have problems with the display jumping around unpredictably while entering notes. On the other hand, Dorico’s old ‘whack-a-mole’ problem does drive me crazy sometimes. Often I’ll have selected an object in Write mode and then I either switch to Engrave mode or I open the Preferences panel and the display suddenly jumps to a random spot farther on in the score, or even completely at the end, and I have to waste time finding where I was, as well as regaining my concentration. If you’ve noticed this behaviour, too, does it seem to happen less in Galley View?

I hardly ever use Galley View: I would only think of using it if I were messing with multi-instrument players. I’ve entered hundreds of pieces in Dorico and never had a problem with Page View (before now…), so no one should be advised against Page View.

I suspect the cause of this problem has something to do with having several completed flows after the one I’m currently entering, which is not my usual practice.

Ok, Ben, it’s a good thing that the workflow using only Page view is ok :wink:

In my project i have une flow Active. There Is a second flow but It Is not assigned in layout of complete score

I have not been able to track this down yet, but the jumping appears to happen because the program refuses to “let go” of a selection when it should (for example, pressing escape). What happens then is when you input something new, it jumps back to where you were before. I haven’t had time to investigate this but that seems to be one cause.

Pressing Esc doesn’t always deselect everything. I try to make a habit of clicking somewhere away from an item to make sure that nothing is selected before doing anything else. If I neglect to do this and a note is still selected, not only can the display jump from somewhere else to show the selected note (which can be very disorienting), but pressing the ‘wrong’ key can change the selected note without one’s realising it.

The problem where Dorico “refuses to let go” has eventually been tracked down and fixed (i.e. the fix should be in the next version). IIRC the cause was indeed that in a particular situation, part of the program still “remembered” that something had previously been selected when that was no longer relevant for positioning the display.

Several people (including me) had similar theories to 888Xmuse59’s idea, but it took a very long time to find a reproducible situation that showed the bug - probably because reproducing the bug involved selecting something which (correctly) did not move the display at the time when it was selected!

Vaughan’s work round of “deselecting everything” wasn’t guaranteed to avoid the problem but it often helped.

In my case, the jump keeps incrementing page by page, so it’s not returning to a place I’ve recently selected.

Ben, are you working with multiple voices on one stave? Is there a possibility that you’re attaching lyrics to a voice that is only used intermittently?