Screen partially redrawn at times


As you can see in the attached image, sometimes Dorico’s windows go blank (grey), and only slowly redraw the window’s content. Sometimes I have to randomly click somewhere to force redrawing.

I suspect this happens when two different projects are open at the same time, but I’m not sure.

EDIT: It happens also when only a single project is open.

Mac High Sierra, 64GB of RAM.


This is what I could get in the Console, when it happened. No way to make a memory dump, because when it happens the Mac is frozen.

Paolo (8.29 KB)

We’ve seen one or two reports of this, also from users on Mac, but we’ve not been able to pin down the problem. Try hiding the window with Command-H, then show it again.

I’ve also been experiencing this. Quite a bit actually.

I experience it too, quite frequently. I have a hunch it’s related to the audio. Sometimes the screen goes grey during playback, and at the same time the music will have a hiccup for a second or so, as if some process is crashing and directly restarting. After the interruption the music will resume playback (at the point it would have been without the interruption), and also the screen reappears by itself. But if the glitch occurs outside playback, the only remedy is forcing a screen refresh (hiding/showing, mode switch, zooming, dragging, etc.)
I’m using Dorico 3.5 (latest), still on Mojave. Playback is via NotePerformer.

Something akin to this happens to me too, mostly in YouTube but also very occasionally in Dorico.

Yes, I see this frequently myself now that I am using multiple monitors on a regular basis. The surest way I find to reproduce it is to move a window (either a project window or a dialog) from one monitor to the other, and very often parts of the window furniture will stop drawing until I force an update. This is a bug of some kind in the Qt framework but we’ve not dug into it in great detail.

Thanks for the response, Daniel. For what it’s worth - I’m only working on one monitor and it happens fairly frequently.

Hope that helps as the team is troubleshooting…