Screen Recording Dorico with ScreenFlow on Mac

For some reason, finding a decent audio recording software for mac that can also capture system audio has been a pain at best.
A friend of mine recommended ScreenFlow, which I am currently using the trial for. I know for ScreenFlow, you have to create a multi-output device with your headphones and/or MacBook speakers and the Telestream Driver, and that allows system audio to be captured and for you to hear the sound being captured as well.
The problem with Dorico is that on “Device Setup” it for some reason won’t let me select the Multi-Device Output. Is there any way to select a multi device output, or combine “Built-in Audio” with “Telestream” driver?
Does anyone know of alternate screen recording software that can accomplish capturing audio without muting your headphones that works with Dorico?

Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba works without any reconfiguring.

It’s not a screen recording thing, though. It’s an audio record. I need a screen recorder as described above because my work using Dorico requires it.

Yes, I see that now. Sorry I misread. Good luck.

Is it showing up in the Device list and Dorico won’t let you select it, or not showing up at all??

If it helps, this is the page I referred to when setting things up.

ScreenFlow: DAW Setup - Advanced Setups

If you can’t find anything else, I export the audio from Dorico, and use QuickTime Player to record video of the screen.

Then I patch the audio onto the video using iMovie. Literally import the video and the audio file, drag, drag, export.

Yes, it shows up, but when I try to select it, it doesn’t even load.

This will not work, since a part of what I need to do is record my screen, audio, and microphone.

You want to route audio then? What about this, they have a trial option.

A lot of audiointerfaces today have a built in Loopback function. Which one do you use?

I do not have an audio interface.
I am not sure that loopback will work since all screen recorders that record audio on mac use their own drivers. This is one instance where I would think Windows is better than Mac.

I don’t want to start a Holy War, but … have you seen all the posts about trouble with audio drivers on Windows here…?

I’m sure there is video capture software that also takes mic input as well as system output. For instance, John Barron does the Discover Dorico sessions with audio output from Dorico on top of his speaking; and he does this on a Mac.

I’ve definitely done exactly what you’re suggesting with Dorico and voiceover into ScreenFlow. I think I may have done something clever with input monitoring in Logic (without actually recording anything), but I can’t remember exactly what - sorry.

ScreenFlow itself can definitely simultaneously record the output from Dorico (which it’ll call Computer Audio) and a separate mic input, on separate channels.

I had reason to do this the other day, and I used IShowU Studio, which is a lot cheaper than Screenflow:

I did find that despite it telling me it would capture the audio along with the screen recording, I actually had to export the audio from Dorico and then drag and drop it into the iShowU editor to manually sync it with the video – but of course that only involves making sure that the start position of the first note matches the appearance of the playhead, so it’s not arduous.

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How do you do this?
I have tried Computer audio, but it will only work if you set the driver of Dorico to Telecast screen recorder driver. The down side is I can not hear what I am recording or the dorico sound while it is being recorded.