Screen resolution issues

It’s QTBUG-53022, and you are certainly welcome to vote on it, but unfortunately I doubt it will influence their priorities in the short term.

Thanks for the update, Daniel.

This Qt problem is quite unfortunate, as it renders Dorico unusable on my Wind0ws 10 laptop for any score more complicated than works for solo harpsichord. As I demonstrated in posting #6 above, the area of a page of Beethoven IX that is visible on screen is ludicrous.

With this on the one hand and having to change to an Aero theme on my desktop to run Dorico 2 under Windows 7, I find myself between a rock and a hard place and on many days thankful that I still have Sibelius 6.


We are just as frustrated by this as you are, David. We plan to look into attempting to fix this issue in Qt ourselves, but because it’s likely to be something of an open-ended task with no guarantee of success, it’s difficult for us to prioritise it relative to other functionality that we need to work on with a greater chance of success that the time spent will yield a useful result. One way or another we will have a solution for this issue in time, but it’s not clear as I type this what the timeframe for such an improvement will be.

@david-p: I know it’s not a very satisfactory solution, but (temporarily) setting the display scaling factor to 125% frees up enough screen real estate so you can see enough of the score. Of course, then the user interface elements are too small, but with practice (and knowledge of key commands) that restriction becomes more and more tolerable in my experience…


Thank you for this reply. I greatly appreciate your candour and your willingness the do the best you can in the context of other legitimate priorities.

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Sorry, Pietzcker, but the elements at 100% (the upper attachment to posting #7) are not only too small – they are invisible! That is, I cannot read the writing or identify the icons around the edge of the window at that size, let alone hit them accurately with a touchpad.


The screen resolution issues are confusing to me. I need a new monitor (Windows 10) and don’t know which model to buy. Can I use a 4k monitor without running in these problems or should I buy an older model? Any recommendations?

It’s not a problem for everyone. I have Dell 4K and it works great. I never want to go back to 1080!

As Daniel said earlier in the thread (in early October), it comes down to percentages and the way they’re rounded by Qt. If you set your scaling to 125% that gets rounded down to 100% (too small) and if you set your scaling to 150% then that gets rounded up to 200% (too big).

My HP laptop has a 15.6” widescreen 4K display, with 3840x2160 pixels. For a display of this size, 200% scaling is absolutely fine - it’s effectively the same amount of real estate as 1929x1080 but much clearer.

What I’m trying to say is: look at the size of the screen and the resolution; then halve both pixel numbers and see if that matches up with the pixel density of a regular HD display.

So, when I say the monitor has 3840x2160 and 27" all will be okay - is it that simple?

I suspect that at that size 100% would make the panels a little too small and 200% would make them way too big, but you need input from someone with such a screen, on Windows…

I think 200% will be fine. Or 175. I use 175 on a 15” laptop, but I like my menus and icons pretty small.

I hesitate to promise, since I’d hate for you to get something on the word of any users here, that ends up not working.

@UMahnken: Can you test the monitor (or another monitor of the same size an resolution)? If you can, press Win+I (Preferences) and check the scaling factor in the display preferences section. If it’s 200%, you’re fine. If it’s 150%, you probably won’t like the result.

No I can’t, I hope it will be a christmas gift :slight_smile:

I have a 32" 4K and use 175% scaling. It works pretty well. At 27", you may need 200% scaling unless you have good eyes.

So it’s there, my new 27" 4K monitor :slight_smile:
With 200% scaling all is fine (Windows 10), except the window from “Halion Sonic SE3”, it’s to small. In the version “Halion Sonic 3” there is an option to toggle to “High DPI Mode”. But this option is not available in the SE version. Would be nice to have this function in SE, too, dear Steinberg people!

Your wish is our command. See this thread.

You are incredible, many thanks :slight_smile: