Screen Resolution Oddity

File this under the category of odd behavior or weird or “why is this happening?” I just noticed that at 150% I am seeing some strange resolution (fuzziness) on some of the staff lines. Compare 200% with 150% especially the 2nd and 4th staff lines. For what it’s worth, I only see this at 150%. All other zoom levels seem fine.

I’m not complaining, but thought I might bring it to the attention of the developers as it may be on interest to them. Anyone else seeing this on their machines?

This is the expected behaviour: the particular combination of staff size, staff line thickness and zoom level can mean that a staff line cannot be drawn with an integral number of pixels, i.e. with a whole number of pixels. When this happens, staff lines are instead drawn using a technique called sub-pixel anti-aliasing, which means that two adjacent rows of pixels are shown in grey to try to produce as much visual consistency as possible. You might not much like it, but the alternatives are worse: either restricting the zoom levels to those at which the staff lines can always be drawn precisely with an integral number of pixels (which would vary from project to project), or drawing the staff lines with obviously different thicknesses.