Screen resolution of Kontakt 6 in Cubase 11

Have searched the Forum for an answer to this, with mixed results:
When I Edit a Kontakt Instance in Cubase 11, then open an Instrument to Edit it, the window is very small.

I open Cubase 11 from my native resolution of 3840x2160, then Add an Instrument Track/Kontakt. Selecting an Instrument within Kontakt, the Edit window is now very small, with almost-impossible-to-read text. At the bottom right is a ‘click-and-hold resizer’ but this doesn’t work. At the top right is a drop-down Options menu that offers an ‘Allow Re-size of window’ checkbox. If I check this box, the Resizer disappears and I can’t re-size the Kontakt Edit window.

I can change my screen resolution to something like 1920x1440, which makes the Edit window text nice and big and easy to read… but now the keyboard display is truncated, and I can’t see which keys I’m playing!

Searching the Forum, I have followed a Steinberg Support solution, which is to right-click the Desktop shortcut and look in the Compatibility Tab - this offers various options for Display settings, but none of these work as expected (at least, they don’t work for me…)

Hope this all makes sense, and hope that someone can point me in the right direction!

This is on NI’s side. for example, Solved - VST Scaling | NI Community Forum.

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I’m having this problem in Cubase 11 Pro with Omnisphere as well as Kontakt, Massive X. None of these are VST3. When I select the option that enables me to resize, they all, immediately, snap to the size I’d expect them to be. BUT, when I try to do anything, it’s a lucky dip to get the mouse to click on what it is you want to click. E.g. enabling the arpeggiator on Omnisphere: clicking on the on/off switch just doesn’t do anything.

Scrolling the patch list scrolls some letters to the right of the margin, leaving the first letter or two behind and, obviously, making the task of selecting a patch difficult.

I have just confirmed that I do not have the same problem in v. 10.5 – Massive X & Omnisphere both the size and the response that I’d expect.

The scaling settings for Omnisphere, Massive X and others are inside the respective plugin. – And both of those (and any others I’ve tried) work fine for me in Cubase Pro 11 on Win10 (1909).

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Ah I see :frowning:

Thanks for responding!