screen resolution

Adjusting the GUI to various screen resolutions needs work. Please don’t miss 1920 x 1080.

Can you be a bit more specific about the nature of the problem you’re experiencing at that resolution? Thanks!

At 1920 x 1080 with the text size at 150% the icons along the left side of the screen take up too much space and are truncated at the bottom of the screen. Also menus are huge. It finally occurred to me to change to 100% text size and and the problem went away, however it would be nice (eventually to be able to work with the 150% size. Thanks.

Thanks. We’ll try this out and see if there’s anything to be done.

A 125% zoom option would make my smile still wider :slight_smile: j

Can you clarify what size you mean by your percentages? Are you talking about the size of the flow you’re working in? Then, what is the connection to the menus and icons- to me, there isn’t any? Am I missing something as to what font size can be adjusted?

I’m interested in this since I would love Dorico to be better adjusted to smaller older laptop screens (15 inch, 1440x900). As I have learned, making Doricos UI arbitrarily scaleable is very difficult, but your reply makes it sound like there is an option to choose sizes already, and I hav not seen it yet. Can you enlighten?


By the size of the percentages I mean the Windows screen resolution program. When you set the screen resolution you have the opportunity to further select a text font size of (on my machine) 100% tieeny tiny, 125% all most readable, or 150% readable. I naturally choose 150% and most the other programs I use provide a good layout with this option. At 150% Dorico’s left side toolbar in write mode comes out huge, presumably the music font is being scaled with the interface, pushing most of the toolbar down and off the screen (with maximized windows). Hope that helps, enlightenment is good!