Screen Size Issue

Know of any way to get the screen to fit right?

I replaced the main video monitor (32" 1080p Vizio TV) with a 43" Samsung 4k TV.
I didnt want a bigger flat reflective surface but my eyes aren’t as good as they were and the screen cant set on the console because of the center audio monitor for the Atmos rig, so I needed something I could see better.

Anyway, I keep having to use the secondary monitor (an actual 4K PC monitor) more than I’d like because the bottom portion of WaveLab Pro11 is cut off. There’s gotta be some setting I can adjust.

Nuendo12’s transport fits on the screen but for some reason it widens the hell out of the mixer channels instead of fitting more channels on the screen. Which is another thing Id like to fix.

Its not the TV setting that needs to be changed because the taskbar at the bottom of the screen is as it should be.

So Im wondering if there’s a way to adjust the sizing/ratio or whatever of WaveLab Pro 11 and Nuendo 12 so they fit properly as they always had before.

GPU: Red Dragon 6800
CPU: AMD Ryzen9 5950X
Mobo: ASUS ProArt X570