Screen stuttering when scrolling

Since some time I got a problem with screen Stuttering. When i let the cursor fixed in the middle and let the screen scroll there is a very annoying stuttering which make a good work nearly impossible.

I’ve seen this a while ago.
I don’t remember how it was fixed exactly but maybe it has to do with GSync or something like that.
Maybe @Martin.Jirsak could help you. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have this as well.

Is your GUI scaling set to anything other than 100%? This seems to be the reason (for me, at least).


@antic604 Thenk you very much, yes, the problem was the GUI Scaling, It was at 125% recomended by windows, now i’d changed it to 100% and the scrolling is now smooth again.


Happy to hear that! Unfortunately I myself am working on a 15’’ laptop so I can’t really go below 125% with my aging eyes. It’s really unfortunate that since v10 Steinberg hasn’t really improved the GUI scaling… It’s still blurry and with a lot of artifacts like you just desribed :frowning:

Isn’t it better and easier to use HiDPI in Cubase instead of Windows ? Since the issue comes from Windows… just, why ?

I tried both and they both pretty much suck (compared to how say Bitwig Studio handles it).


did you update to 12.0.30? This should have been fixed normally.