Screenshot to Notepad

So, I was thinking last night how much I love the OSX feature Cmd Shift and 4. It allows you to drag a square over whatever you like on the screen and when you let go of the keys it will leave a screen shot on the Desk top.

The Cubase notepad is really useful but what could make it even more useful is if Steinberg created a Key Command to have similar functionality and as the Screen shot previously described but instead of the screen shot going to desktop it will go straight into the Selected track’s Notepad. This way you can screen shot settings, Plugins used, Instrument choices, Articulations on Keyswitches etc etc. The possibilities are endless. Obviously Some settings in preferences to store photos in a Project specific folder next to Audio, Midi, all that stuff.

Just thinking out loud


You have all mentioned stuff saved in project file, so why do you need to save it additionally as a screenshot?

I’m requesting a feature that allows me to screen shot any part of the screen and the screen shot automatically saves inside the notepad. Seamless.

It’s just an idea and some Cubase users may not see a need for it. But there are some of us that would.

Or really pictures would be nice to have in the Cubase Notepad.
I would love to be able to include pictures of my external analog gear, so they are kept with the project at all times.
Also pictures of mic placements, can be a lifesaver when recreating a session years later.

This kind of thing always makes me laugh. Well, at least there’s a record of me suggesting this. Video slave 3 is an amazing piece of software and glad they have introduced this…


Yeah, being able include any pic would be useful.


Great idea!


I’ve got something similar in mind, but just for text. :mrgreen:

See: Detachable note window - Cubase - Steinberg Forums