Screwed by the Download Assistant?

I find this hard to believe. I bought Halion 6 in 2018 but never installed it because it wouldn’t download. So I just tried again & was able to download the program in one night. (I have an extremely slow internet connection). The H6 Content file is a different story. As I can only download at night I started to download 4 nights ago and was able to download 16GB of 30 total after 3 nights. When I restarted the download, the Assistant indicated only 9GB had been downloaded! So I let it continue from there. This morning when I paused it it indicated my total was 13.8GB. So now I restart it and it says I have only downloaded 5.8GB!! Am I reading it wrong? The content download fold properties indicate 27.5 GB have been download. None of the download files appear to be duplicates. Any ideas as to what is going on? Included is a screen capture of some of the downloaded files.

It appears to have downloaded the entire file. I have no idea how the download tracker works though.

SDA-DOWNLOAD files and ARIA2 files are incomplete downloads. At the end of a successful download, the content will turn into a bunch of vstsound files. You double-click one of the vstsound files to install all the vstsound files in the folder.

So far no files are indicated as missing. So hopefully everything has been downloaded…