Script for changing size of Chord Symbols/Chord Symbols Music Text-font?

Hi, I find that the procedure of changing chord symbol size is a bit less than ideal, especially if one wants to experiment with different sizes.
(Although, in all fairness, I had until just now overlooked that it is possible to change both of the fonts before hitting “ok”. Better, but still hoping for the arrival of an “apply”-button)

I tried to record a script that would bump up the size of the chord symbols font and the chord symbols music text font.

When I run the script, all that happens is that the Edit Font Styles-dialog opens, no changes has been recorded in the script.

Perhaps not possible for some reason?
Or any script-geniuses out there that could point me in the right direction?


I don’t think this can be done via a script, I’m afraid: the changes made in the dialog are not simply parameters that get passed to another command.

Understood, thank you for replying!