Script for rendering with meta data

I want to automate rendering a wave to an mp3 and add a metadata preset to the exported file. I’ve looked at the script editor. Just not sure where I can find some examples to reverse engineer. Any tips would be much appreciated.

What exactly do you have in mind for this process?

You can basically achieve the same effect by using Render Presets and making sure you have the correct metadata preset loaded before rendering the file(s).

You can even have the metadata preset “pre-loaded” already by working from a montage template.

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Thanks Justin. I want to thank you for all your generous contributions on Wavelab. I was able to master our last album to the DDP and Apple Music stage thanks to your videos. Much appreciated.

Every time I work on a song in Cubase, I bounce a new version to WaveLab and then render it to an MP3, with specific album and artist metadata. Then I add it to iTunes and it’s on all my devices about a minute later. Of course I didn’t think of the obvious and preload the preset!

Yeah, there are many ways to work but the way I do it, I only have to enter the basic info one time and any revisions (whether it involves a new file or just a change to what I’ve already done in my Audio Montage), when I render files from the audio montage the metadata is present.

Even better is that my new montages come from a template where my preferred metadata preset is already loaded so that it transposes my easily entered custom data (artist name, release title, song title, etc.) into metadata (or CD-Text) when any and all formats are rendered.

As somebody that also uses REAPER (for another task) I understand your desire to script but I think the current solution is just as good and/or easier than integrating scripting.

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