Script: Kill execution (infinite loops etc)

I couldn’t find any info on how to possibly do this in either manual, so here’s a suggestion:

Would be nice to be able to kill script execution if you end up with an infinite loop, or just something that takes forever to execute…

I was able to trigger a script stop by switching to another app and back again, but most of the time I had to quit wavelab (And sometimes lose my progress until I started writing in an external editor and copy the code into Wavelab to run it)


There is currently no way to do this. What do you need this for?

I am writing a script to detect samples louder than a set threshold (in order to remove empty head/tail sections of one-shot samples from sound design sessions), and in testing different approaches I was was relying on the Log window output to see what results my code produced.

Using activeWave.readSamples I sometimes ended up with inifinte for-loops, so the log window would just output and scroll forever, displaying a sample value over and over for instance. The only way for me to stop it was to force quit Wavelab and restart it. Not a super big deal if you write in an external program and copy the code into the Wavelab script editor, or save frequently in the script editor I guess?