Script menu?

Hi !
Anybody using scripts to create shortcuts? Searching around I don’t find any info…

Are people using external macro apps to do this? I’m on Windows 11.


I have had Dorico record me doing some very simple things, like:

  • add a system break (without having to switch modes!)
  • filter to select notes and deselect tuplets in one go
  • add an arpeggio line spanning 2 staves (starting from a selected note on the lower staff)

Etc.… Nothing elaborate yet, and some recorded actions do not play back. The Lua functionality is still skeletal. There are many discussions of scripting on the forum, but I think not much more of an answer to your question than this.

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Have you successfully recorded scripts for tranpositions and tuplets? Is that worth trying or is using an external app a better bet?

Cubase just recently opened-up a similar “script” funcion. I wonder if these two programs will start to share some common coding? We’ll soon see!!

Transpositions are so easy with the popover, they’re hardly worth scripting, I think. Do you have a more complex situation in mind? And what specifically do you want to do with tuplets?

I have read much praise on here for StreamDeck for chunking operations in Dorico; haven’t used it myself. External scripting apps I fear might not work well with Dorico because of the Qt framework it’s written in.

AFAIK Cubase has nothing to do with Lua. I doubt there will ever be any shared code.

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Always useful hearing how others work !
I’ve thought about Streamdeck, or an Ipad with app, but (for some reason) feel that keeping my hands on just one “object” is better.

For the Tuplets, I’d like to be able to do the: 3/2, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, each with just 1 button, Currently (iinm) it’s 5 keystrokes each time.

For the transpositions, I’d like to have “octave up” & “octave down” each assigned to just one keystroke.

Once you’ve got one tuplet, you can always copy it to another location with alt-click.

Octave up and down is Shift Alt Up/Down. That’s at least as fast as going to the Scrip menu.