Script To Adjust Basic CD Track or Montage Track Lengths?

Please look here:

I wrote that topic when I had WL7–before I upgraded to WL9 Pro.

As the topic says, as I work on tracks I burn CDs. The lengths of each track changes as I compose. I want the markers to change automatically each time I burn the CD.

I was wondering if I could use the scripting language to automate those marker positions? If so, can someone give me some basics on doing so. I don’t need help with javascript. Just a live example of how to manipulate the markers (if possible) in a basic cd file when it first opens.

Ideally, the script should run when the basic cd file first opens so that the markers are updated/refreshed before they appear on screen to be burned.

Can do?



Suntower, I hope somebody helps you out with the scripting, or something is changed in the Basic Audio CD, but fwiw iTunes playlists do everything you want, updating lengths automatically for modified files for the CD tracks.

(With the playlist files - Read directly from disk. Not Import/Copy to iTunes Library pref).

PG, I’ve wondered what was possible with Wavelab scripting myself in the past, and only just found the “WaveLab Pro Scripting Language” section (in the Wavelab Help menu) that lists the scripting commands. Are those all of the commands available? No Delete marker, Move marker, or Convert Marker Type. Looks like only Add Marker is available. So what Suntower is talking about (move CD Track End marker to end of Wav file) really isn’t an option in the Scripting? That and the fact that the objects in the scripting are Audio Editor and Montage, not Basic Audio CD. So the Wav files in the BACD would each have to be opened to operate on them anyway, but even then the markers couldn’t be manipulated as he wants (?)

@bob99: all what you say is right.
It is worth mentioning that scripting will be enhanced in the future, but not for BACD.

Thanks PG. I did find I could move the markers to the end of the wav files by modifying the mrk files, but you’d have to find which mrk files (which might not all be in one folder) and then script outside of Wavelab. Maybe not recommended.

*Well that at least tells me what I need to know.

What about CD markers in Montages? I could work with that if those were added to the language. On the list?

You should be able to make the scripting work in the montage with the resizeClip function. With that you should be able to make all the clips as large as they can be, but the clips will be consrained by Wavelab by their file size. The markers should move with the clip size, since they were originally attached to the ends of the clips. The following clips and markers should move if the montage is left with Track Ripple on.

I haven’t been able to get it to work yet, but it’s only because I’ve never tried scripting before and I can’t get the syntax to work. But it should work I think.